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Premium kitty litter delivered monthly to your front door.

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30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

  • Eco-friendly litter
  • Eliminate odor and dust
  • Soft and gentle to paws
  • 100% safe for your cats
  • Delivered to your doorstep
  • 1 bag for 1 cat
  • Refill once a month

How silica gel works on feces and cat urine

SqueakyCats is made of extremely absorbent and lightweight silica gel compared to other traditional litter types. SqueakyCats is long-lasting and non-lumpy litter which means less scooping and lasts for an entire month! On the other hand, traditional clumping litters turn urine into large and heavy clumps that need to be scooped out and replaced throughout the month. The super-dry silica gels in SqueakyCats absorb the urine and odor, trapping it inside as the water in the urine evaporates out. The solid waste is all you need to scoop and dispose of.

How it works

Choose number of cats

Select the number of cats you have. One bag per cat per month.

Select Subscription plan

Choose monthly or quarterly but with zero commitment - cancel any time.

Delivered to your doorstep

We'll send the same order so your cat's litter box will always be dust and odor free. Receive quality kitty litter.

How to use Squeaky Cats cat litter

Pour into litter box

Low dust, less mess

Toss once a week

Long-lasting order control, minimize tracking

Dispose cat litter

Less Landfill Contribution

What our customers are saying

Straightforward and Convenient

The package arrived 3 days after placing the order. It's true, there is no dust when i poured it into the litter box. The scent is better than I expected.



Very easy

My wife poured the bag into our tray and was done. the product feels very soft to the touch and our cat took to it immediately. Very easy process. Thank you



FAQs from customers

If you're ready to say goodbye to dust and odor, look no further than Squeaky Cats. Squeaky Cats is a kitty litter brand that is designed with cat’s comfort in mind. We believe that every cat deserves celebrity care.

Squeaky Cats premium kitty litter is non-toxic and gentle on paws. This means no painful paws and so no reason for your cat to avoid the litter box.

A 6 lb bag of Squeaky Cats kitty litter will replace a 20 lb bag of clumping clay kitty litter. Our non-toxic, silica gel formula is much more efficient at odor and moisture absorption.

Squeaky Cats premium kitty litter is made out of silica gel crystals that are highly absorbent and great at controlling odor. The crystals are also low dusting to minimize tracking thereby insuring less of a mess for you.

Each bag of Squeaky Cats is designed to last an entire month for one medium sized cat in an average sized litter box for only $19.99. That’s less than a cup of coffee in a day!

Each month, Squeaky Cats will deliver a 6 lb bag of kitty litter to your door. Your subscription will remain intact until you cancel. You can cancel at any time and we offer a 30 day, no-risk, money-back guarantee.

Ready for a more convenient way of taking care of your cat?

100% safe for your cats
Prevents odor and dust
Delivered to your doorstep

30-Day Risk Free Guarantee